Food polymers


A polymer ( from the ancient Greek word meaning “many, much” and “parts”) is a macromolecule, or a molecule with a high molecular weight, composed of multiple repeating units ( called repetitive units ) same or different ( like in co-polymers ), linked “ in chain” by the repetition of the same kind of bond ( covalent ).

Polymers, usually are created via polymerization of many monomers to create very long chains. A polymeric material is usually composed by the same kind of small repeating molecular, but their number changes for each molecular mass, so the molecular mass composing a polymeric material have different length. It becomes so necessary to know the molecular weights distribution ( that is the percentage of molecular mass with a specific length) to determine the chemical – physical properties of the polymeric material under exam.

Food Polymers
Filtec in polymers, pelletizing systems. Underwater pelletizing and Watering.

The Filtec pelletizing systems can be used in applications of food polymers and medical type.

Examples of applications of food kind are the products from pelletizing of gum base and many packaging materials.

Must be underlined that the PVC or TPU on a medical level are easily run with underwater pelletizing systems.

The advantage of the underwater pelletizing is the quick cooling of the pellets in water and the reducing of typical smells, smokes and gas. Moreover the spherical shape of the pellets allows a simpler and more precise dosing and a fluidity increase.

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