Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC, is the polymer of the vinyl chloride. It is the most important of the series obtained by monomer vinyl chloride and it is one of the plastic material with a widespread commercial use.

Pure poly(vinyl chloride) is a solid in rigid form.

Its high versatility in applications is given by the possibility of mixing during the PVC production, even in high proportions, inorganic compounds and plasticizers products such as esters of the phthalic acid that make it flexible and mouldable.

It is considered stable and safe in technological applications at room temperature, but it is extremely dangerous if taken to high temperatures or in plants not suitable to its treatment, because of chlorine that can be given off.

Filtec in pelletizing and PVC production.

The Filtec pelletizing systems for PVC compound run with good results flexible or rigid PVC.

The used technology allows to reduce the cutting effort found out in the most part of the underwater pelletizers. The result is a clear advantage for customers, since they can run materials with excellent physical properties thanks to a lower cutting force and a rapid cooling of the PVC in water.

The pellets dimensions can be from a minimum of 0,7 mm up to 5 mm, according to the specific material and the required application.


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