Wood polymers composites


The pellet WPC ( Wood and Plastic Composite ) is a product composed by two elements, a thermo-plastic and a vegetable material with characteristics mostly inert to temperature and pressure.

The materials so obtained are equal or similar to the wood, but with greater performances; in fact they are mainly used to replace the wooden products.

    The WPC pellet is generally produced using compounds of the following materials:

  • Plastic material virgin or recycled one
  • Inert vegetable fibers
  • Mineral fillers
  • Auxiliaries of process
Filtec in Compounding WPC

Filtec target is clear and precise: to offer a very good quality WPC pellet.

To avoid the deterioration of the material during the pelletizing operations, Filtec suggests the underwater pelletizing. So it becomes basic to be able to supply a pellet with an acceptable residual humidity. The Compounding WPC segment in the plastic material field asks a greater percentage, this aspect introduces particular difficulties.

Polymers used for WPC pellets are:

Wood polymers composites
  • PP
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • PE with a 50 – 70% hard wood or flour or pine fiber.
  • PS
  • PVC

Filtec developed cutting machines realized with criteria based on wide lab tests and adjustments to the equipment in plants:

  • Using a suitable matrix hole dimension
  • Increasing the process water flow (GPM )

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