CAVD cambiafiltri

In 2012 the English premises of a major multinational in the industry of reticular thermoplastic materials and compounds required special filter changers for its plants. And we have developed CAVD.

The molten plastic materials processed by our client were forced to cover long distances and bear high pressure through filter changers and by-pass valve. In these cases the polymer changed its characteristics, degrading and losing quality, value, price, and consequently its marketability was reduced.
Therefore, our research and development department has created CAVD, a single machinery that acts as both filter changers and by-pass valve, thus solving the problem of our client.

The solution developed by Filtec was brilliantly simple: remove filter changers and existing by-pass valves replacing them with a filter changer by-pass valve equipped with a three-position plate. On the plate, two positions have each a support for the filtering screens, while the third position has a discharge ducts to the ground of the molten polymer. The plate is operated by a special three-position hydraulic cylinder with linear position transducers and special hydraulic unit. Body and sliding plate are made of steel with high chromium content, resistant to corrosive agents developed by the molten plastic material. The heating system and temperature control is obtained through independent circuits for diathermic oil obtained on the plate and body.

Since then, several CAVD filter changer-by-pass valve of different diameters were mounted on various types of plants, thus always meeting the needs of our customers. In all, the distance between the input and the output flanges is extremely reduced and in any case much smaller than the pre-existing system with separate filter changers and by-pass valve.