FILTEC S.r.l in collaboration with A.T.I. S.p.a, TEKNEIDOS S.r.l. and SIRMAX S.p.a. has realized a research and development project entitled:

PLASTOMAG – Thermoplastic magnets for electric motors with high performance and sustainability

The research project aims to create a prototype of a permanent magnet for an electric motor for civil / industrial applications and the creation in Veneto of a production chain of high performance and sustainability thermoplastic magnets that can increase the competitiveness of the system.

The project was implemented thanks to the contribution of the Veneto Region,  using the loan POR – own target: “increase of business innovation”
FESR part of European regional development fund 2014-2020

ASSET 1 ACTION 1.1.4 “Collaborative R & D support” for the development of new sustainable technologies, new products and services “DGR 889 of 13/06/2017

The contribution of the Veneto Region is € 50.320,00.