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Filtec consider the North America

Filtec consider the North America

New borders for plastics materials processing

Ecology, energy saving, costs reduction, waste re-use are subjects and concepts everybody agree with. Filtec® found the way to transform them in their raison d’être and boost to the continuous growth in the field of plastics processing machinery.
Filtec® can develop innovative and customized projects for different technologies in plastic pellets production.

Key to success is the equipment high specialization and customization in accordance with customers’ expectations.
Filtec® technicians are experts on plastic materials and production processes and can interact with the customers developing ideas and projects.
The customers from dialogists become active partners, traveling companions and above all essential elements for sharing views.
The best specialists in plastic materials field appreciate the Underwater and Watering Filtec® Pelletizers for their ability in ensuring quality, flexibility and perfect and uniform spherical shape of the pellets; the Centrifugal Dryers for washing and drying also plastic material flakes as well as Screen Changers for polymers, Filters for process water, vented Vibrating screens for cooling and classifying the pellet.

Filtec® have growth plans and acquired 100% co-ownership of the BDP Co. ( Baracco Die Plate ) leader in design and production of Centrifugal Dryers for plastic pellet drying.

Excellent are the market prospects. Filtec® have agents in a rising number of Countries and the Filtec booth is present in many exhibitions and conventions worldwide.

North America is the near future. Filtec North America Ltd. will be based in Toronto with a spares warehouse in North Carolina and operators able to meet the needs of a market of great potential and even greater expectations.