pvc polymers chemical industry

One of our first and relevant co-operations was the one made with an important European Petrochemical, to whom we supplied a pelletizing system for plastic materials for their Italian plants.

The granulation system, designed for an hourly throughput of 12.000 kh of PVC pellet consisted of: filter, granulation chamber, water pellets duct system, water pellet “rotating” separator system, centrifuge dryer, vibrating screen and continuous filtering system for process water.

The complex plant realization of this granulation system, installed in areas with protection and safety high level, saw the presence of few sub-suppliers properly selected and followed during the planning and installation phases, in cooperation with an important German Company “a giant in compounder and extrusion” with whom we have a long-term bidirectional collaboration both as customer and supplier.

The whole plant has been developed, pre-installed and tested at our premises.

This project has been for us a very important and challenging chance to work together with a well-known Italian group of engineering who worked as hub and pathfinder in the handling and developing of such huge and complex project.

The success of this collaboration and the reciprocal trust made among Filtec and the big groups we worked with allowed them to become faithful customers and produced a good advertising for Filtec  for new projects in industrial compounds abroad.

Experience, skill and passion for our job, once again allowed the creation of several partnerships like these.