For years Filtec has pioneered the development and production of customized systems for the filtration of extruded polymers. For this reason our mission is to provide our clients integrated and customized solutions with regard to filtration of polymers.

All production processes or processing of polymers are in danger of being somehow contaminated by dust in the environment, or hardware, or metal debris cut off from machinery, residual materials from previous operations and the like. But it is not uncommon that in the process bags or other packaging, adhesive tape and even tools are somehow involved. These unfortunate events stop the production process, lower the quality of the end product and reduce its value and marketability

This applies both in petrochemicals for the production of reactor polymers and is in small recovery and regeneration plants. In the early systems for the extrusion of the polymers at the exit of the extruder it was installed a perforated disc to support a filtering screen. This system was effective because the screen was able to retain the pollutants, but it was very little practical since the disk was bolted on the end flange of the extruder, obviously at stopped extrusion, and once clogged by the dirt, the screen had to be removed by stopping the extrusion process, dismantling the machinery and reassembling it with a new and clean screen. But thankfully soon a simple and effective solution, that is still the basis of the vast majority of the filtration systems still used today, was developed: the single plate filter changer.

But in addition to filter changers several other systems have been developed that find application in the filtration of highly polluted materials, or that are equipped with automatic self-cleaning device. But for all the objective is to remove pollutants from the polymer without interrupting the production process.

It is not easy to produce the entire range of filtration systems of the polymers, without being contaminated by pollutants of any kind. But our experience and partnership with Ettlinger and PSI, allow us to take great care in the production of filtration systems of polymers that limit the damage caused by pollutants.

The development of a polymer filtration system is a challenge that requires skill, experience, determination, stubbornness and a close-knit group of people motivated and ready to work to common goals. All qualities and characteristics that are the norm in Filtec.