Filtec – New Test Lab

For Filtec words like “product” and “service” are strictly linked each other. Our primary aims are in fact advice, assistance, and customized solutions. This is the reason why Filtec do not sell simply a product: the machine supplied is only a part of the relationship established with Filtec. What is really important for us is the complete service offered to our Partners and our complete support in the field of the plastic materials.

For this reason, with the same ongoing commitment, in the recent months we started a restructuring of jobs, of the inner competences and the business processes. All this to be even more present on the market and to continue to ensure high quality products and services.

Among the innovation of the recent restructuring we are glad to announce the opening of a new Test Lab. Few km far from our headquarter is now at disposal an entire production Lab line complete of extruder, screen changer, gear pump and Underwater Filtec pelletizer for anyone who is interested to test efficiency and efficacy of our granulation systems. All this in order to help our customers, and not only, to find the ideal solution for their production equipment, making granulation tests and trials.

Ours Lab is a new show, research and information center where we’ll be glad to plan with our customers all the tests necessary to find the best solution suitable to the different production needs. A new service, born from the experience and seriousness that our Co. leader in this field have been assuring since 1993.