General Warranty Conditions

1- These warranty conditions (“Warranty”) apply to all purchases of equipment produced by Filtec s.r.l. (“Goods”) by any subject acting for purposes which fall within his/its trade, business, craft or profession (“Buyer”).

2- Filtec s.r.l. shall be liable only for manufacturing defects and lacks of conformity with respect to the characteristics and technical qualities provided for in the relevant sale agreement, with the exclusion of damages and lacks of conformity caused by improper, negligent or imprudent installation and/or use and/or maintenance of the Goods or, however, not in adherence to the operation and maintenance regulations as described in the Goods’ handbook.

3- The Warranty does not cover: electric components; components subject to the effects of normal wear and tear; Goods which have been anyhow altered or modified to any extent.

4- In case of defects/lacks of conformity falling within the provisions of this Warranty, the relevant claim shall be submitted by the Buyer to Filtec s.r.l. to the following address, within 2 (two) days after the discovery, detailing in English language: date of purchase of the Good, enclosing a copy of the relevant invoice; full name, telephone numbers and e-mail; serial number of the Good; a detailed description of the defect, enclosing photographs thereof.

5- In case Filtec s.r.l. assesses that the claim falls within the terms of the Warranty, it will repair the Good at its own expenses. If the repair is not possible or too expensive, Filtec s.r.l. may, at its sole discretion, replace the Good with another Good having the same characteristics and qualities stated in the sale agreement. Should the repair work be actioned under the Warranty, Filtec s.r.l. will bear the costs for its employees’ and assistants’ travel and, if the case may be, board and lodging, but limited to the place of delivery of the Good that had been originally agreed with the first Buyer (“First Point of Delivery”). Should a defective Good be replaced under the Warranty, Filtec s.r.l. will bear the costs and risks of its withdrawal as well as the costs and risks of the delivery of another Good limited to the First Point of Delivery.

6- Under no circumstance the Warranty shall entail any obligation for Filtec s.r.l. to indemnify the Buyer and/or any third party for any direct or indirect damage connected to stops and/or suspensions of production, which may be anyhow related to the repair work and/or the replacement under the Warranty.

7- This Warranty is conditional upon full payment of the Good.

8- Without prejudice for the foregoing provisions and terms under art. 4, the right of the Buyer to the Warranty shall expire if it is not exercised within one (1) year after delivery of the Good as per the relevant sale agreement between Filtec s.r.l. and the first Buyer. If the Good is not picked up for reasons not attributable to Filtec s.r.l., the right of the Buyer to the Warranty will expire 1 (one) year after the date of notification of Good ready for delivery.

9- Repairs and/or replacements of the Goods covered by this Warranty shall not extend the validity of the same Warranty.

10- This Warranty is governed by and they shall be construed in accordance with the substantive laws of Italy.