Filtec offers a wide range of flexible solutions for the handling of the plastic materials combining machinery and versatility. The Filtec “war horse” is the GRO Watering pelletizer with horizontal axis cut.

In the GRO the die plate is not in contact with water and the cutting process is in air. The centrifugal force of the blades throws the pellet against the internal face of the granulation chamber filled by a water flow at high pressure. In this way the pellets are cooled down and are conveyed towards the vertical drying centrifuge.

In Italian language, the acronym GRO stands for Horizontal Axis Pelletizer. The die plate with Horizontal Axis has clear advantages. The die plate is bolted to the flange connecting the pelletizer to the extruder or screen changer in this way the flow of the molten plastic is direct and without path variations. The path of the molten plastic is very short in this way the pressure drop is low. When shifting material, the cleaning process is easy and the loss of material is minimal. The granulation chamber can be completely opening and quickly thus makes the access very easy. Simple, short and easy is also the blades holder group  replacement operation shortening the equipment stop for the blades changes.

The blades are self-adjusting and grant an always optimal contact of the blades against the die plate.

More than this, the GRO watering pelletizer is a cheap, sturdy and flexible piece of equipment suitable for heavy-duty and almost unforeseeable working conditions. Most of the 500 GROs produced are working in reclaiming plants for polymers where the polymers are extremely polluted and their features are continuously varying.

The GRO watering pelletizer is suitable to produce SAN, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PE, ABS, PC, TR, PVC and compounds of materials with MFI not too high.

Due to its features and advantages, there is no any second-hand market for used GROs. For all the above and because the GRO is safe, reliable and keeps its value in time, we consider the GRO as one of the “war horse”.