sistemi di taglio a immersione di acqua pelletizzatori pvc

For those who are not familiar with Filtec reality, today we dwell on speaking about us.

Filtec was established in 1993 from Baracco family.
The experience in excellent technical assistance and spare parts for equipment produced by AST, pushed the founders to specialize themselves in design and production of their own equipment for hot pelletizing.

At present our company leading services are the underwater cutting systems, the watering cutting systems, but also screen changers, water filters, horizontal and vertical centrifuges and vented vibrating screens. Our reality is popular and well known for the cutting systems range from the vertical to the horizontal type, in air, later cut and underwater type – with them it is possible to run every kind of polymer, even the most critical ones.

Company strength is the product’s specialization and to provide products and services made to measure for each customer, always with the perspective of a complete customization of the offered product.

Important for our work are the partnerships with Steer Engineering Ltd.. Ettlinger G.m.b.H. e PSI of which we are Sales Representative for Italian Market.

The Indian Co. Steer Engineering, founded in 1993, is specialized in production of twin screw co-rotating extruder for special uses. They take care also of repairing and regenerating screws and cylinders. In their R&D centres In India, Usa, Japan and China extrusion systems for materials more and more technological and sophisticated are developed and tested.

The German Co. Ettlinger was founded in 1983 and today they are leader in production of automatic filters for filtration of melt polymers with high percentage of solid pollutants. The equipment can run with filtering nets of different types according to the characteristics of the plastic product and the necessities of the customer.

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Screen Changers, Extrusion Gear Pumps, Static Mixers, for polymers. All are offered either as stand-alone components or as complete engineered systems.
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of the plastic materials, PSI use leading technologies in design, engineering and process solutions. As result the equipment long life even in the hardest operating conditions.

These companies found in Filtec the perfect point of reference to establish positive and mutual contacts with Italian manufacturers and final users. And Filtec can be so one reference point for all those Companies who are looking for a complete line and only one point of reference in pelletizing, recycle and manage of plastic materials. Our collaboration, with Steer, Ettlinger, and PSI is giving good results in the Italian market and there are encouraging expectations.

Also the foreign markets have excellent prospects: the recent opening towards the Usa market is an evidence.  Filtec has agents in a rising number of Countries and now are very few the Countries where there is not an agent or sales representative of our Company.