The GRO Water Ring Pelletizer (WRP) can perform an easy and cheap pelletizing of a wide range of polymers and plastic materials including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, PS, SAN, ABS, SB, PMMA, TPR, TPU, PC, TR e PVC. The best performances are reached when such materials have a low MFI or are filled with mineral fillers, pigments and other additives.

The above list is a big and long one and includes the main plastic materials commonly used in the various industrial applications and in the objects of everyday life.

The types of compound and the production data multiply endlessly considering that the watering pelletizing GRO is highly used in the reclaiming sector and plastic recovery.

It’s hard to clearly define kinds and features of plastic materials and compounds that could be cut by the watering pelletizer GRO. The 500 GRO pelletizers delivered from 1993 have produced several tons.
In the same way, it’s difficult to put limitations to the produced quantities.

Despite its simplicity in project and technical construction, or thank to that, the basic design of the watering pelletizer GRO can be easily modified in order to pelletize plastic materials with very special features.

Among the many, we recall materials filled with additives that must minimize their period in contact with water. Among such special applications, we recall the polymers filled with wood powder and/or vegetal fibers. Or materials with specific weight higher than 1 that do not float, are highly filled, very brittle and cannot be dried dynamically in a vertical centrifuge.