communication filtec cutting systems

We inaugurated the new year with a web site completely new and appreciated by our partners .
Now our will is that the news & events section become for you the reference point to keep you updated on news from the Filtec world.

We would like to share with you the advantages our know-how can provide to your company in granulation field or even in the production of the wood polymers or thanks to the new Underwater Pelletizer UW ECO.

For this reason each months in the News section you’ll find curiosity on our underwater cutting systems, or the water ring cutting systems, and the Filtec die plates and  their application fields.
Here we’ll inform you also on events and Exhibitions we’ll participate to, so to meet personally. We’re already preparing for K2016 and we’ll talk about is soon!
We also co-operate with magazines of the plastic world and we’ll encourage you to read our articles, giving you short extracts on our web site.

Above all, thanks to the new newsletter, the updating on Filtec installations and production will become for you a monthly meeting you can no more give up.
You’ll discover much more about our Co.: our leading products, our customized projects, always source of pride for us; the opening of new markets; and much more.

A big news will be the arrival of our Co. to social network.
In fact soon you’ll find us on LinkedIn and Google+. You’ll receive notifications on our publications on hire.

The communication changes: it is quick and prompt, smartphone and tablet are media supplying us more and more news and info on subjects we are interested in.
We decided to keep up with the times and to give a new flow to our communication.
To know you’ll proceed following us is always a pride for us and glad to go on working with you.