The new Filtec Flyer

For a service able to arrive anywhere.

Since 1993, Filtec have been taking care of design and production of pelletizing systems, particularly Underwater and Water ring cutting systems.

Thanks to innovation and continuous research of the best performances of their equipment, Filtec is a Company leader in the field of the hot granulation, specialist in offering customized products basing on the specific necessities of their customers production characteristics, in Italy and all over the world.
An International Leadership, making the Company able to supply a really complete service, able to arrive anywhere always close to the customer necessities …. limitless.

This is the message Filtec want to share with their new flyer: from the tailor made design to the wide range of spare parts, from the multi-lingual Help Desk to the maintenance assistance, Filtec aim is not only to produce efficient machines.
The ultimate goal is to find together the ideal solution to give the true added value to the competitiveness of the equipment for production.