filtec pelletizing systems

Since the founding, in 1993, Filtec  earned the reputation of more than a plain supplier of machineries and equipment, but a reliable partner able to develop ideas and customized, innovative projects for different technologies in pellets production.

Our Company K-factor is the high specialization and customization of each product in accordance with each customer specific and peculiar expectations. To do so right from the beginning the aim was the development of three main groups of technicians with a deepened knowledge of the plastic materials, equipment and working processes that strictly interact to develop ideas and projects together with customers. Customers who in this case from dialogists become active partners, watchful antennas on a market more and more demanding and unpredictable and fellow travelers. Above all, in a natural way and almost without effort they become essential elements of common operating visions.

In fact our productive cycle starts with the study and planning of different solutions able to meet specific requests from every single customer in order to obtain a product or a service tailored made on the personal and specific expectations for each of our partners.

For Filtec words like “product” and “service” are interchangeable ones and refer to the same reality. This why Filtec do not sell a product in shape of a machinery but supply mainly a consultancy service in the field of machinery for  plastic materials processing. The machinery supply is the completing, not the most important part. What is really important is the service supplied to Partners.

We produce each kind of Underwater and Water Ring Pelletizers ( systems appreciated all around the world for their ability to assure quality, flexibility and pellets with an excellent and uniform aspect ), in addition to Screen changers for melt polymers, Systems for the mechanic filtration of the process water, Horizontal centrifugal dryers to wash and dry flakes of plastic material, Vented vibrating screens to cool and classify the pellets.

We co-operate with important Italian and foreign Companies, together with our partners we gained a good and deep experience in every kind of compound, masterbatches, recycle products and special manufactures.

In order to develop innovative and customized projects is needed the co-operation and the involvement of active partnership both among the end-users and other manufacturers who share the same operating vision by Filtec. For this reason at PLAST 15 we introduced our strategic partners: Steer, Ettlinger and  Psi.

Steer is a manufacturer and designer of specialized components, systems and work platforms that transform Polymers, Biopolymers, Pharmaceuticals and Food, using the core application of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion.
Founded in 1993 by Dr. Babu Padmanabhan with the vision of Steer a new world,  Steer has today 5 main offices and 10 satellite offices, serves over 35 countries across the globe supported by a talented workforce of over 500 engineers, scientists and technicians.
For Filtec Steer turned out to be a highly reliable partner able to share a vision: to bring value to the process of the plastic materials processing.
The established collaborative synergy will allow to place on the market the designed Filtec pelletizers even in the very important markets of India and Asia.
In the Italian market on the other hand the Steer customers will be supported and followed directly by Fltec.

By now established the partnership with Ettlinger, German Co. founded in 1983 and very active worldwide. The business in mainly concentrated on the production of automatic filters for filtration of melt polymers and molding injection presses. Ettlinger at Fakuma Exhibition introduced the whole range of their filtration systems: series ERF for highly polluted materials ( ex. post-consuming ) recently extended and now with 3 sizes each filter, the biggest of them: ECO series reaches the hourly throughput of 6000 kg/h. Designed mainly for extrusion lines of film and sheet, and it is able to filter materials with a max percentage of pollution of 1,5%.

Psi is the main American manufacturer of Continuous Screen changers, Manual Screen changers, Gear Pumps and Static Mixers for polymers. Each equipment is offered as a component to be included in a production line or as a self standing equipment.
With an experience of more than 25 years in the field of plastic materials machinery, Psi use advanced technologies in design, engineering and process solution. The result is long lasting equipment even under the most extreme process conditions.
The firm Psi was established  in 2000, but the Psi staff had already gained experience with other main companies in the field of polymers filtration, extrusion and process control. All together these persons own more than 20 patents and combine more than 75 years of specific experience. Psi is still managed by the founders and owners.
Like Steer in the Asian markets, the partnership with Psi will allow to Filtec to be and well represented in the very important market of North America.

Steer, Ettlinger and Psi have in Filtec the natural and logical partner for the very exigent Italian market. Steer, Ettlinger, Psi and Filtec are engaged in developing the most innovative and advanced technical solutions to their customers.

At our premises in Badia Polesine right from 2012 is running a laboratory available as a center for technical shows, information and research at old and new customers’ disposal who want to make tests. Within the end of the year the laboratory will be renewed with the arrival of new equipment received by the partners introduced at Plast 2015 exhibition.

Even in the foreign market the opportunities are highly positive. The number of agents increases continuously and are very few the Countries where there is not an agent or sales representative by Filtec. To keep the growing presence on the foreign markets, in the next years Filtec consider to increase the presence at Exhibitions world wide.

The team work has been continuing for years producing a more and more big number of satisfied customers that became active partners and fellow travelers.

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