CA – Screen-changers

The CA screen-changers, with a single or double plate, complete the Filtec products range.

This solution filters the molten product on the pelletizing lines, the processing of blown film, casts, flat head plates, tubes and profiles.

They are available in different versions, based on the product to filter, with electric or diathermic oil heating.

The molten material, thrust from the extruder or gear pump, flows to an inner channel crossed by a plate with appropriate filtering capacity (breakers), prepared to insert various sized nets based on the desired filtration level.

This plate, activated by a cylinder controlled by a hydraulic control unit, slides in the work positions.

A specific probe detects the increased pressure caused by clogging of the filtering net and sends an alarm signal, warning of the need to change the position of the plate.

In some specific applications, you can have oval shaped filters, specifically for twin screw extruder connections