CO – Horizontal Centrifuges

CO – Horizontal centrifuges

The Horizontal centrifuges CO series have been conceived and developed to meet the needs of the factories of plastic materials recycle operating specifically in washing field and treating of ground waste of highly polluted plastic with metal, wood, glass and soil.

Thanks to the Filtec Horizontal centrifuges CO it is possible to proceed with the water pellets and water polymers separation.

The equipment is strong and efficient and includes a suction fan, a rotor with blades revolving at high speed inside a perforated basket with holes at exclusive geometry and a sound proofing support containing other parts.

The process is based on a working system simple and very effective: the centrifugation with dynamic flapping.

The flakes of plastic material are suck and conveyed in the middle of the perforated basket where the rotor blades hurt them sending against the inner surface of the perforated basket where the separation from water and polluting takes place.

The Horizontal centrifuges can be CO-CF with fix basket suitable for flakes drying, or CO-CR with revolving basket to allow the holes self-cleaning.

At the exit of the Horizontal centrifuge CO the ground refuses are clean and with a reduced percentage of humidity, ready for the extruder or a possible intermediate storing.

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