Compounding consists in preparing plastic formulations by mixing or/and blending polymers and additives in a molten state. There are different critical criteria to achieve a homogenous blend of the different raw material. Mixing as well as heating are among the most important factors for new compounding creation.

The most commonly used polymers in compounding are:

  • ABS
  • EVA
  • PP
  • TPE
  • PUR
  • SAN
  • PE
  • PS
  • TPU
  • PUR
  • ASA
  • PET
  • PVC
  • TPR
  • PUR
Filtec in Compounding production

Within the Compounding, thanks to the underwater pelletizing system Filtec UW Underwater, our Co. is able to satisfy the requests of their own business partners. The designed equipment are in fact able to run materials containing high percentages of filler and products low melt resistance.

The compounding underwater pelletizing produces very good results with every pellet of standard dimensions and with all the commercial fillers, such as CaCO3, ash, talc, chalk, Tio2, carbon black, wollastonite, fiber glass, but also pigments, fillers and stabilizing.

The main advantage of the underwater pelletizing is the rapid cooling of the pellets inside the water flow. Moreover, a more regular pellets shape helps giving efficient properties to free flux of the product in the following uses ( dosing equipment ).

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