Hot glue


A glue ( or adhesive) is any substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation. Adhesives may be found naturally or produced synthetically. The term can indicate also a glutinous animal substance with a high adhesive power. The hot-melt adhesive, in his original version, has been produced in USA. Following, thanks to the more and more frequent commercial use, it had a rapid expansion in Europe and Asia.

Filtec in production and pelletizing of hot-melt adhesive.

Worldwide are there numerous Filtec plants of pelletizing systems for hot melt adhesive that allow the managing of a wide range of materials such as:

Hot Glue
  • EVA on PA base
  • APP
  • TPE
  • TPU with adhesive properties
  • polyester
  • PP
  • phenolic resis
  • TPU with adhesive properties
  • APAO
  • PE
  • rubber base
  • TPU with adhesive properties

The Filtec test lab is at our customers’ disposal for equipment trials and/or tests for future purchases or for assistance in new materials research and development.

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