Industrial Resins and Bio-resins


The Resin can be defined as an organic product, solid or semi-solid, with natural or synthetic origin, without a precise melting point and, usually, with a high molecular weight.

Many resins are polymers, the main distinction to be done is between thermoplastic resins and thermosetting:

  • The thermoplastic are linear or ramified polymers that can be melted giving them the right quantity of heat; during the plasticization phase they do not go through variations on the chemical point of view;
  • The thermosetting resins are very hard materials composed by grid polymers in which the polymeric chains motion is strongly limited by the high number of existing cross-linking. During the transformation phase they pass through an irreversible chemical transformation.

The material typically used for the industrial bio-resins production are:

Industrial Resins and Bio-resins
  • PA
  • PMMA
  • PEEK
  • PET
  • PVDF
  • PEEK
  • PC
  • PTFE
  • PEEK
Filtec in production and pelletizing of industrial resins and bio-resins

Filtec production is continuously in progress. Our Company develop equipment for production and pelletizing of bio-resins and solutions for new materials, suitable to the underwater pelletizing and the water ring, anticipating the customers’ needs.

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