The Masterbatch appears usually like a product which contains high concentration of color pigments or additives in a higher percentage than the finished product. Usually its common aspect is in plastic granules.

Additives are there in the final product in very small percentages ( even parts per million). Without the Masterbatch using, additives would be added with difficulties in dosing. It is enough to think that it is easier to weight few grams of Masterbatch than few grams of powder additives.

Filtec in Masterbatch pelletizing

Filtec can satisfy the requests of concentrated color producers in an efficient and economical way. These products are usually developed in maximum dimensions of 3-4mm.

The Filtec equipment for micro-pellets, are able to create a production with a high quality, with less polymer degradation risk. thanks to low energetic requisitions and low effort in cutting

The Masterbatch pelletizing gives very good results thanks to the Filtec underwater pelletizing systems, both in pellets with standard dimensions and in micro-pellets. In this field, the special advantage coming from the use of underwater pelletizing systems for micro-pellets is the granule shape and the properties of the product in the flow in the consecutive use.

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