Micro pellets


The micro-pellet of plastic material usually moves from a diameter of about 0,5 mm to 1,00 mm compared to a standard pellet with diameter of about 3-4 mm. The micro-pellet production is most commonly applied to moulding processes and whereas a good material dispersion is needed. The masterbatch micro-pellets allow a very accurate dosing with low gears, a good dispersion and a simple and efficient cleaning as regards to the powdered pigments. The production of micro-pellets with a very good quality allows undiscussed advantages such as good color distribution, fast cleaning ( powder lack ), major flow fluency.

Filtec in micro-pellets production.

In micro-pelletizing after meticulous tests Filtec developed die-plates suitable for micro pellets. The micro-pellets equipment produced by Filtec assure excellent results and very good quality for customers who operate in micro-pellets production.

Micro pellets

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