filtec group

Filtec was founded in 1993 by Mr. Gianfranco Baracco thanks to his great experience gained as manager by A.S.T., company leader in the production of vertical pelletizers. But its career starts in the late 50s by the petrochemical plant in Ferrara and remains without interruption in the field of plastic machinery even to the present day.

In Filtec Mr. Gianfranco Baracco is the cornerstone and he is flanked by his sons: the Managing Director Giovanni and the Sales Director Alberto and by other technicians highly qualified in the specific field of the plastic machinery. Altogether have produced a very flexible corporate structure in order to grant “tailor made” solutions and quick proper answers

The “Baraccos founders” are directly and personally involved in the production process starting from the feasibility study of different solutions able to satisfy any specific request of any customer arriving to the production and the delivery of the final product supplying a prompt and effective after-sale service.

By the will of the Sales Director, not far from its premises, Filtec is installing a test line made by a complete extrusion line. The aim is to offer to Customers the possibility to perform running extrusion and pelletizing test with their own materials, so giving them an even more complete service.
Mr. Alberto Baracco takes care directly of the domestic market. While abroad he supports the numerous agents and distributors.

The Filtec group present structure is very flexible and dynamic in order to grant prompt proper answers in the after-sale service also.