The terms “filter changers” are used to define filtration systems of extruded plastic material mounted downstream of the extruder.

In our Filtec factory in Badia Polesine, in the province of Rovigo, we produce screen changers of different types:

    • hand-lever operated, referred to as CL, for 90 mm up to 130 mm diameter filtering screens.
    • single plate, referred to as CA, from 100 up to 400 mm diameter
    • double plate, referred to as CA x 2, up to two 300 mm diameters

To make the change of the screen in the hand-lever operated screen changers it is required to stop the extrusion line. The single plate ones allow the change when the extruder is in motion, but they do not ensure the continuity of flow. While the double plate ones also ensure perfect continuity of flow of the extruded material.

Our screen changers are suitable to filter the most different materials: from “simple” Polyolefins up to rigid PVC and Thermosetting Reticular Polyolefins.

All our screen changers are provided with command and control devices, support carriages, custom-designed flanges to be connected to extruders and granulating heads or other equipment mounted downstream.

The screen changers of Filtec range are available in different versions depending on the characteristics of the product to be filtered and therefore they can be heated by electric elements or by diathermic oil circuits. The latter is the preferred solution for screen changers of large dimensions installed in petrochemical plants.

Why they are crucial

The pollutants of a recovery plant can be defined with a single word: “all”! This is why we pay great attention to the production of quality screen changers.

The screen changer must be able to bear the extrusion pressure, maintain the temperature of the plastic material and to make it simple and quick the replacement of the filtering screens chosen depending on the type, quantity, size and characteristics of the contaminants present in the plastic material.

Our company has gained an extensive experience in the study, design and construction of screen changers with one or more plates. Over the years we have produced, also thanks to the collaboration with Ettlinger and PSI, several hundreds of screen changers which have main applications in recycling lines, compounds and masters.