UW ECO underwater pelletizer

The ECO version is an evolution of the Underwater Pelletizer UW developed by Filtec to meet the needs of an even larger share of the market.

The long term cooperation and the active partnership with important companies requesting us to develop a new highly customized Underwater Pelletizer both made easy to us the development of such new machinery.

The ECO version is an evolution of the UW Underwater Pelletizer and was conceived to match the needs of customers that, even producing high-level plastic materials, were looking for medium-price machinery.
The many and innovative technical solutions are the main reason for the price reduction of the ECO version versus the standard UW Underwater Pelletizer.
The heating for die plates switched from a system with heat-transfer fluid to electric elements placed in a new and innovatory way. Such new solution grants evenly spread heating and low power consumption. The placement of the heaters reduces slightly the range of workable plastic materials, but it offers a considerable cost reduction.
The vertical centrifugal dryers for pellets have been completely restudied in order to grant a quality drying process and a fast cleaning by means of new paddles that reduce the impact of the pellets against the screens. The effect is lesser wear and lower noise. Their usual technical features are well known: high-yield, reliability, fast and easy maintenance. Besides that, the new vertical centrifugal dryers have been completely redesigned in order to have “standard” parts installed on dryers having different sizes. The result is quicker availability of spare parts at lower price.
The “Filtec standard” UW Underwater Pelletizer has been studied and developed to deal with a wide range of plastic materials and operational situations. For such reasons it has the die plate heated by heat-transfer fluid, an automatic water filtering system and other arrangements making it suitable to work a wide range of plastic materials. All that may be not strictly necessary to an Underwater Pelletizer working a sole plastic material.

On this basis, to Filtec it was normal to modify the“Filtec standard” UW Underwater Pelletizer. The result is a Underwater Pelletizer with electrically heated die plate, simple water filter, reduced power consumption, lesser manpower and simpler maintenance.

Such advantages make natural the choice of the name of the new Underwater Pelletizer: its name is “ECO” that stands for both “ECO-nomic” and “ECO-logic”.

For a long time the running of the first ECO UW Underwater Pelletizer fully matches expectations and technical requirement as other ECO UW Underwater Pelletizers recently installed by our customers.

Ultimately we have reasons to state to be non-only a machine producer, but an adviser and we do not have only customers, but partner in shared visions. And the partner listen to each other and confront towards common goals.