Underwater pelletizer

The Underwater Pelletizer UW-Dep is the “flagship” in our wide range of products. In it, the plastic material is cut by a die plate in touch with water. This system is versatile, reliable, simple to operate and grants the production of quality pellets with perfect shape without agglomerates and marriages. It is suitable for high throughput of plastic materials with elevated Melt Flow Rate. In order to make simultaneous the arrival of molten polymer and water in the granulation chamber, it has an integrated system made by a diverter valve for molten polymer and a by-pass piping for water

The Underwater Pelletizers UW-Dep have the die plate heated by heat-transfer fluid. This important feature makes possible the work in good conditions of material difficult or thermosensitive. Here some advantages:

    1. Very low temperature in the die plate without risks of cooling of molten polymer in the holes
    1. Prevention of the charring of the molten polymer in the holes during the machine stops
    1. Extrusion pressure reduced versus the electrically-heated die plates due to the possibility to have a bigger number of holes avoiding the overheating of the molten polymer
    1. Lower extrusion pressure and more holes mean also running at lesser blades RPMs. So the wear of blades and die plate is very low and their life is extended.

The Underwater Pelletizers UW-Dep are well known for their effective and automatic water-filtering device. The water coming from the centrifugal dryer of the Underwater Pelletizer pours on the built-in water filtering and cooling device. The water is drained on the filtering surface of the tissue no tissue. When the level of the liquid increases in the draining areas because of too many impurities, a sensor sends an electric impulse to a motor reducer that makes the clogged part of tissue go ahead and replaces it with a clean one. This way, you automatically have a new filtering cycle. The filtered water pours into the collecting tank below where it is sucked by a pump sending it to a heat exchanger to be cooled and then it is sent back to the underwater pelletizer.

Alone, these two devices make the Underwater Pelletizers UW-Dep suitable to a wide range of materials not even conceivable to the underwater UW with electrically-heated die plate and without water filtering systems.