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Welcome on our new website!

Dear readers,

we are pleased to welcome you in our new website and first of all we thank you for the attention.

Our website is conceived in order to share with you our news, products, ideas, projects made by Filtec and it will be the cornerstone of the future communication of our company.

Created in order to be usable through any devices, you will be able to easily consult all our products and services even from a smartphone or a tablet maintaining the simplicity of the use and the readability of contents.

Water Ring PelletizerIn order to guarantee always a good communication, on the new you will find the wide range of our products and the connected destinations of use.

Moreover, it is present an online catalogue where the range of innovative products is always updated in order to keep you informed concerning our every new product and success!

Our history speaks about more than 20 years of success and growth, of a production with an innovative character, of certified quality and of a continuous research.

Our objective is to be your right partner for your business, becoming your reliable, sure and continuous solution.

Best regards and have a good day at work!

Filtec team