rubber pellet

Filtec has conceived and produced the UW underwater pelletizer in order to pelletize thermoplastic rubbers and materials with high MFI. Many Filtec UW underwater pelletizers work by important producers of compound and rubber. The UW underwater pelletizer stands out for flexibility, reliability and versatility. An integrated system made by a diverter valve for molten polymer and a piping with bypass for water make simultaneous the arrival of molten polymer and water in the granulation chamber. The result is:
– The molten polymer does stop and burn in the die plate
– The water does not “freeze” and close the holes of the die plate.

Not to be forgotten the shape of the pellets. The UW underwater pelletizer produces perfectly spherical pellets, while other pelletizers produce lentils or cylinders.

Due to the features explained above, the UW underwater pelletizers can pelletize every plastic material pelletized by the WRP (Water Ring Pelletizer) GRO type as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, PS, SAN, ABS, SB, PMMA, TPR, TPU, PC, TR, PVC with low MFI and even with high MFI when filled with mineral charges and additives.

In addition to the above mentioned materials, the Filtec UW underwater pelletizers can easily pelletize compound based on PBT, PB1, PET, TPR, TPU, SBS, SEBS, PA6 and 6.6.

The above materials are increasing their importance in various and different fields that were unknown few years ago. The recipes and their blends are more and more complex and match always new field of use. So far, our UW underwater pelletizers have proven able to pelletize every new material, even the more problematic. We of Filtec find natural propose our UW underwater pelletizer for such application and are happy to offer to our customer our vast experience.